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Billing Questions

Billing Department Telephone # (928) 669-7311

We understand that billing can be frustrating. At La Paz Regional Hospital, we are trying to make this simpler. Many of the answers to your questions can be found below or you can call a La Paz Regional Hospital customer service representative at La Paz Regional Hospital.

Q. My insurance company covers 100%. Why do I have a balance?
A. Insurance plans typically pay after the member has paid a co-pay, deductible or co-insurance. You should check your insurance plan to know the amount for which you are responsible. If you have further questions, please call your insurance company.

Q. I thought that the hospital was contracted, or "in-network," with my insurance company. Why do I owe more than my standard co-pay?
A. The hospital may no longer be in your plan's network or your insurance plan may have made a mistake. Please contact your insurance company for an explanation.

Q. Has my primary and/or secondary insurance been billed?
A. If you provided us with information on your secondary policy, we have billed that plan. The remaining balance may be due to your co-pay and/or deductible. Please call your insurance plan to verify that the balance is your responsibility.

Q. I've called my insurance and they have not received the claim.
A. Please call La Paz Regional Hospital billing department with the name and phone number of the representative from the insurance company with whom you have spoken. This information is necessary to avoid submitting the claim twice and to avoid any double payment from them.

Q. I've called my insurance and my treatment was coded incorrectly. Can you please change the code and resubmit to my insurance?
A. We will review the billing codes with the physician. We are unable to change the coding on your medical records unless there has been a coding error. Your physician notates your chart and provides the diagnosis and code to use.

Q. My account has been sent to a collection agency and I would like to discuss any payment options available.
A. Prior to sending your account to collections, we have attempted to work directly with you following our normal billing and collection policy. This account no longer belongs to La Paz Regional Hospital. Please contact the collection agency to discuss payment options.

Q. I was not treated at your hospital, yet I received a bill. What is it for?
A. On the date of service listed, you may have visited your physician's office. The charges may be for lab work sent to the hospital for processing. The charges also may be for equipment used for medical imaging processing. Please call La Paz Regional Hospital billing department to request an itemized bill and to obtain further information on your bill.

Q. I'm unable to make payment in full at this time. Can I make payment arrangements?
A. Yes, please contact the billing department to arrange this for you.

Q. My household income is low or I live on a fixed income. Is there any type of assistance available?
A. You may be eligible for financial assistance. Please contact the billing department for further information.

Q. I've received two statements with the same date of service and two different balances. Please explain.
A. When patients are treated at our hospitals, they may receive services from the hospital, the attending physician, laboratory and radiology. Each of these services may be billed separately although provided on the same day. Please call a La Paz Regional Hospital billing department and we will be happy to help you understand your bills.

Q. What if I do not agree with your bill or feel I am not responsible for paying it?
A. First, please call La Paz Regional Hospital billing department to discuss your bill. There might be a simple explanation that can clear up any confusion. If you still disagree, you should submit your dispute in writing to the hospital.