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The Chief Financial Officer, is the Compliance Officer for La Paz Regional Hospital.


The Compliance Officer Carl looks at seven different areas.

1. Standards of Conduct; Policy and Procedure in place.

  1. These are in place to reduce any unnecessary or unlawful conduct.
  2. The code is meant for all employees and its representatives from the organization.
  3. Having Policies and Procedures in place and following them. They are consistent with laws, regulations, and industry related requirements. These policies are realistic and measureable.

2. The organization has a Compliance Officer and a Compliance Committee.

  1. To serve the wellbeing of the hospital, the staff, and the customers of the La Paz Regional with its focal point being compliance activities.
    i. Obligated to the Public
    ii. Obligated to the Employees
    iii. Obligated to the Profession
  2. Reporting to the CEO and the Governing Board.
  3. Servicing as a source for employees and management.

3. Education:

  1. Educating on compliance to form the best strategies for prevention.

4. Monitoring and Auditing

  1. Striving to demonstrate a process for improving the Compliance Program for La Paz Regional Hospital
  2. Monitoring the program to make sure that all the elements of the program are working effectively.
  3. Will be sending out Compliance Surveys to staff, to see how far they are educated in the compliance program.

5. Reporting and Investigating

  1. Having an open line of communication with all staff members on any compliance issues. Open communication is the first step in an effective compliance program.
  2. Having confidentiality- which closely related to non-retaliation.

6. Enforcing and Discipline

  1. Being fair, equal, and consistent in enforcing the standards of conduct and following the Policies and the Procedures of the organization

7. Responsive and Prevention