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La Paz Regional's Medical Surgical and Intensive Care Units offer our community compassionate, quality patient care close to home. Our patients speak very highly of our care, compassion, and quality services they receive.

Patients on the Medical Surgical Unit receive 24 hour medical care from our nursing staff and physicians. La Paz Regional inpatient units have 25 beds, all but four of them are private rooms. Every bed is connected to our telemetry services, providing continuous monitoring when needed. This allows nursing staff to closely watch the patient's vital signs and other important health information.

Depending on the patient's needs and condition, specialists, including therapists, case managers, nutritionists, and other medical professionals provide services right at the patient's bedside when possible. Our staff is able to provide specialized monitoring for patients who need it with the use of portable, wireless equipment right in the patient's room.

We believe that seeing family and friends during a hospital stay is an important part of the patient's overall recovery. For this reason, visitors can come any time, day or night, and overnight stays can be arranged by the nursing staff depending on patient volumes in the Medical/Surgical Unit. Intensive Care visiting hours are limited to 10 minutes per hour, although nursing staff can allow additional time. Please note that visiting hours may change at any time based on patient and staff needs. For example, during the COVID pandemic visiting hours were restricted.