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Patient Case Management

Case Management = Care Management = Patient Advocacy = CARE !

Case management is about us assisting the patient along the whole continuum of care from inpatient to home. Case management works with your nurse and doctor to make sure you have what you need to be able to manage well at home. When you cannot go home, case management looks for alternatives like skilled nursing facilities, rehab centers, and other hospitals. The goal is always to provide the very best in recovery for you in a safe and nurturing place. It is an integral part of your total care.

Social Work: Your needs are evaluated at the time you are admitted to the hospital. Often a patient is worried about someone they take care of at home, or a pet or two, even plants and gardens...maybe its financial concerns or transportation. Perhaps your medical condition is severe or critical. Helping you and those who are dear to you understand is also a part of your care.

Discharge Planning: This service begins when you are admitted because you may have need of equipment or supplies or services that help you to stay independent at home. Perhaps you will need to go for treatment or rehabilitation at another medical facility.

Utilization Review: Speaking with your Insurance Company, assuring those who pay for your medical care that your medical condition requires you to be in the hospital in order to get well. The cost of healthcare is high and your life and well being are priceless.

Your case manager talks with you and your Doctor(s), exchanging information and concerns.

Kayla Rumble
Case Management

I am pleased to be of help, after all, we are. --- "People Serving People"