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If you're scheduled for surgery soon, you're probably wondering how you should prepare. Look to the quick tips below for general pre-surgery dos and don'ts.
Two weeks before surgery:
-STOP taking herbal megavitamins or weight loss products

One week before surgery:
-STOP taking aspirin, ibuprofen,phentermine or similar medications as instructed by your physician.
24 hours before surgery:
-STOP using alcohol or recreational drugs
-DISCUSS WITH YOUR DOCTOR ON STOPPING Glucophage® or Glucovance. DIABETICS: Please consult the health care provider who manages your diabetes for instructions. Generally, STOP taking Glucophage® or Glucovance® 24 hours before surgery and do not resume until you are eating and drinking fluids adequately. Guidelines for insulin depend on the insulin you are taking - this is why it is important to contact your own physician.
8 hours before surgery:
-STOP eating or drinking
-STOP smoking or chewing tobacco
The morning of surgery:
-TAKE your usual blood pressure, breathing, seizure and heart medications with a small sip of water (if approved by your doctor) DO NOT TAKE diuretics (water pills) or antacids (Maalox®, Tums®, etc.)